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  • Welcome to Lake Bayano!

    Home to an amazing variety of wildlife, including rarely-seen bird species, Lake Bayano is one of Panama’s most fantastic treasures, but it is also one of Panama’s least known areas: eastern Panama province. Despite being only an hour and a half’s drive from Panama City, the great majority of Panamanians are as unfamiliar with Lake Bayano’s beauty as the thousands of tourists arriving every week.

  • A developing region….

    When we look for areas that promise growth in the future, we look for anomalies. An anomaly is something very unusual, irregular, outside the normal. Often, when you first see an anomaly, you wonder, why? It does not seem to make any sense. In looking at it more carefully, you will slowly understand why it is different. Once in awhile, that will offer you an opportunity not yet noticed by others.

  • Own a piece today

    4.374 hectares (10.8 acres) of prime lake front property with access to a paved road, electricity, and water. A truly beautiful land parcel with excellent potential for touristic or residential use.

  • Gorgeous Lakefront

    The great majority of the land surrounding Bayano was reserved for the native American settlements that had to be flooded to create the lake…

  • Day’s End

    The sun sets on another beautiful day at Lake Bayano.

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